Are you aware of the punishments for failing to adequately control Hand Arm Vibration?

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A recent court case has highlighted the need to place strict controls and measures on workers using vibrating tools for a long period of time. A train refurbishment company, Faiveley…

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Are you considering the impact of Hand Arm Vibration on your employees?

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Using a handheld power tool for a significant amount of time can have serious health effects if not controlled and monitored carefully. The Health and Safety Executive proposes guidelines based…

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Are your workers adequately prepared for working at height?

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There were 35 workplace deaths last year due to falls from height. Businesses who work at heights need to have the necessary HSE compliant procedures and precautions in place to…

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HSE Changes Enforcement Expectations for Mild Steel Welding Fume

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A recent enforcement change has been made by the Health & Safety Executive, in regards to mild steel welding fume. There is new scientific evidence that exposure to all welding…

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10 ways in which ISO45001:2018 can really benefit your business

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ISO 45001:2018 is the world’s first Occupational Health and Safety International standard.  It is intended to provide a framework for a safe and healthy workplace, and is aimed to help…

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Local Authority Fined over Legionella Contamination

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At the end of last year, Tendring District Council was fined after a member of public contracted Legionnaires’ Disease following regular use of one of its leisure centre facilities. The…

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Do you understand your business responsibilities under DSEAR regulations?

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Explosions and fires from combustible materials are a very real hazard, giving rise to serious injury – sometimes even fatality – as well having as the potential to cause extensive…

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Is your workplace at risk from Legionella?

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Many workplaces are unaware of the potential risks posed by Legionella. It is a bacteria that can grow rapidly given the right conditions. As an employer or someone in charge…

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Hand Arm Vibration is not being monitored effectively in business

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Many businesses are failing to adequately protect their workers from the dangers of hand arm vibration. Workers are being exposed to the hazards of hand arm vibration and in particular…

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Are you aware of the ‘Breathe Freely’ initiative in the workplace?

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The British Occupational Hygiene Society is promoting ‘Breathe Freely’ in partnership with the Health & Safety Executive. The initiative is aimed at promoting standards of monitoring and maintaining the potential…

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