EMF Assessment

An electromagnetic field is generated whenever an electrical current flows. This means electromagnetic fields (EMF) are always present wherever you are.

Legislation exists to protect the general public and workers from high levels of EMF. This legislation (Directive 2013/35/EU) is transposed into UK law by The Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations (SI 2016 No 588).

It is a requirement of Health and Safety law that electromagnetic fields are assessed for the workplace; this may take the form of either a standard risk assessment or a site survey. “Persons at risk” such as employees with pacemakers, or those who are pregnant, young or old, have lower EMF limits that need to be considered.

 The importance of controlling EMF at Work regulations

The control of electromagnetic fields is of high importance to all employees, managers and those responsible for Health and Safety in order to both protect the workforce from adverse health effects and fulfil your statutory responsibilities.

As with all health and safety aspects, electromagnetic field risks benefit from re-assessment periodically or after a change of equipment or personnel.

Organisations need to hold evidence of compliance with the legal requirements of this Health and Safety Directive.

Safety First’s EMF at Work monitoring

Safety First Group offers Electromagnetic field (EMF) site-surveys which can be carried out anywhere in the UK or Europe. They typically take no more than a day and a full detailed report for your evidence is included.

We check that your electromagnetic environment is within the required limits, by performing this survey. This means that:

  • If your site is compliant with the EMF Directive 2013/35/EU, our site survey report provides you with the evidence you need to prove it.
  • Under circumstances where you are not compliant with the regulations, we can work with you to help you achieve compliance in a cost effective manner.

We can also provide a desk based risk assessment activity for your workplace to inform you if a survey is required.

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