Indoor Air Quality Assessment

Employers have a ‘duty of care’ in providing a safe work environment, as outlined in the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999). This includes ensuring good air quality and controlling exposure to hazardous substances.

Safety First offers indoor air quality assessments using the latest range of equipment to determine the air quality of your workplace and identify any health risks.

The importance of indoor air quality assessments

Unsatisfactory air quality can be caused by a variety of factors, from temperature, humidity and ventilation issues to more harmful substances, such as dust. A combination of these can contribute to Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), a phenomenon recognised by the World Health Organisation, where people working in particular buildings experience symptoms of sickness more often than usual.

HSE studies have revealed that SBS has been found in up to 50% of new or refurbished buildings. As such, expert help is recommended to identify the presence of contributing factors. There are many benefits of an improved work environment, such as lower absenteeism, higher productivity, and less time spent on handling complaints.

Safety First’s indoor air quality assessments

Our specialists are skilled at comprehensive assessments in diverse environments, from offices to warehouses, to ensure compliance with regulations. We are experienced in monitoring for all types of factors that affect air quality, including carbon dioxide, dust and allergens, air flow, and low lighting.

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