Whole Body Vibration Assessment

Employers are required to protect workers from health risks caused by vibration, under the Control of Vibrations at Work Regulations 2005, which introduced action and limit values for whole-body and hand-arm vibration

Safety First provides vibration assessment services that help clients find solutions to manage risks in the workplace.

The importance of whole-body vibration assessments

Whole-body vibration (WBV) is transmitted through the feet or seat of workers who, for a large part of their job, drive mobile machines or other work vehicles across uneven surfaces regularly, such as tractors, forklift trucks, and earth-moving machinery.

Prolonged exposure to WBV can cause back pain and problems for drivers. Vibration assessments will not only identify and minimise health risks, but also help companies to avoid the loss of trained employees and costly compensation claims.

Safety First’s whole-body vibration assessments

All Safety First technicians are experienced and highly-qualified in assessing your workplace for risks and proposing measures for eliminating or minimising these risks.

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