Psychological safety as important as physical safety

A top university professor has warned that only planning for a ‘physical’ return to the office could have a detrimental

Lockdown phase 3: Offices, restaurants and bars to be well ventilated

As we move into the next phase of easing lockdown restrictions, government ministers and Doctors warn that indoor public spaces

Safety First Group achieves SafeContractor status

This week, and for the 3rd year running we have achieved SafeContractor certification, an industry recognised accreditation which is decades

Occupational Health and Safety now considered a top priority

In a post-pandemic workplace, Occupational health and safety is now considered a top priority due to employees being stretched to

‘Can you hear me now?!’ – Workplace noise assessments can prevent permanent hearing loss

If you work in an environment where noise and vibration is all around you and you’re not properly protected, you

Occupational exposure monitoring helps protect your workforce.

As pioneering treatment begins in Australia, artificial stone silicosis has been labelled as the worst lung disease seen since the