Occupational Health Surveillance

Ensuring you have a healthy and motivated workforce

What is Occupational Health surveillance and monitoring?

Occupational Health Surveillance is a multi-disciplinary approach to ensuring people are safe and healthy at work.
Occupational health services ensure that people are fit for work after an illness or injury, provide support to people in the workplace with any medical conditions or disabilities which may require special equipment and/or workplace adjustments and offer support where needed.

Why do you need Occupational Health Surveillance and monitoring?

Maintaining a fit and healthy workforce can often include many different services and solutions. Employees working in more manual jobs may require help with workplace related injuries and illnesses, whilst office workers may experience health problems in different areas, but whatever the illness or injury, occupational health & safety teams can ensure a smooth transition when leaving for illness and returning to work. Occupational Health teams can also help you to make adjustments for your employees based on their knowledge and expertise.

How can Safety First Group Help?

Safety First Group can help with any referrals, health checks or health promotions that you need to run as part of your health & safety at work. These can include;
● Helping you to manage repetitive short and long term sickness absence
● Making sure that you are fully compliant with Health & Safety Executive regulations by offering a full range of health checks for your staff including blood pressure monitoring and lung function and hearing analysis.
● Offering advice on how you can reduce stress in the workplace, as well looking at ways to manage nutrition and weight loss and drug & alcohol support.
● If any of your workforce is involved in heavy lifting, or exposed to dust, chemicals or water we can provide fit-for-work medical assessments based on the workplace environment. This can also include remote workers and for employees who drive their own car for business use.

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