HSG65 Health and Safety Management System

Fit for purpose health and safety management systems to ensure workplace compliance and safety

If you need a complete health and safety management system using the HSG65 framework laid out by HSE, we can help.

Not having time, nor provision to be able to manage your health and safety compliance can have costly repercussions. With that in mind we can provide industry-wide preferred health and safety management framework; Do, Check, Act.

Our Health and Safety Management system includes:

  • Overall management for health and safety, including your legal duties
  • An assessment to identify if your business is currently doing what needs to be done
  • Planning for implementation of compliance measures
  • Consulting with workers
  • Implementing training where necessary
  • Helping to formulate policy documents
  • Profiling for risk
  • What key actions you need to take for health and safety compliance
  • Stakeholder communication – Who? And When?
  • Performance measuring/monitoring
  • Reviewing performance
  • Organisational learning

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