ISO 45001:2018

As of the 12th of March 2018, ISO 45001:2018 is the replacement of OHSAS 18001:2007.

Across the world over 7,600 people die each day from work-related accidents or diseases.  ISO realised there needed to an International framework for the whole world to follow. This will ultimately help organisations to improve employee safety, reduce work place risks and ultimately create better and safer working conditions.

The importance of ISO 45001:2018

It is the world’s first OH&S International standard. Providing an excellent framework for a safe and healthy workplace, it will help thousands of organisations prevent work-related injuries, ill health and death.

It will follow a similar structure as 18001, however, it will have an enhanced compatibility with other standards, meaning it’s easier to implement and integrate to a management system. To learn the true extent of the changes and what’s required to be ISO 45001 compliant, we advise speaking with a qualified consultant who can give you the right guidance.

Safety First’s ISO 45001:2018 package

If this is all new to you, then we have all of the training, services and resources on hand to help your business get up to speed on this important regulation; and if you’re simply looking to expand on existing knowledge then we have resources to help with that too.

Our service packages are fully customisable to suit your business and its needs – whatever your health and safety management requirements, we’ve got you covered.

From one day classroom-based learning courses, to nine-month distance learning options, we’re sure to be able to help, whether you’re just starting out on the certification process, further along or simply after some expert advice from a trusted source.

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