Environmental Noise Assessment

Keep noise pollution to a minimum with environmental noise assessments

The importance of environmental noise assessments 

Noise pollution is a serious concern in the UK, particularly in highly-populated places and industrial areas. In keeping with the law, environmental noise assessments must be undertaken to monitor the adverse effects. 

The Environmental Noise (England) Regulations 2006 implements the European Noise Directive, which requires European companies to conduct environmental noise monitoring, and take steps to control their impact on the wider environment. 

Businesses may be required to carry out an assessment for various reasons, including regulatory compliance, Environmental Impact Assessments, applications for planning and EPR permits, and responses to statutory nuisance complaints. 

Safety First’s environmental noise assessments 

Safety First hygienists have the depth and breadth of experience in measuring and analysing environmental noise from wide-ranging sectors, including industrial, construction, road traffic, and entertainment. We propose recommendations in our detailed reports, which we aim to deliver to clients within 25 working days. 

Safety First provides an environmental noise assessment service that enables businesses to be fully compliant with current regulations. 

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