PAT Testing

Adhere to UK safety Standards with regular PAT testing

What is PAT testing?

PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) is the term used for the routine inspection and testing of electrical items that are attached by a plug to ensure they are within safety standards and safe for use. All premises will have one or more electrical items, so it’s good practice to set regular times for PAT testing to take place.

Once the item has been inspected and passed, the inspector will usually add a PAT test date which means that you must then be vigilant and log when the next PAT test is due.

What items need PAT testing and how regularly?

Depending on the item, where it is located and how it is used depends on how often you need to do PAT testing . For example, a computer that never moves around the office will require PAT testing less often than smaller items that frequently move around such as laptops and chargers. It would be useful to keep a record of all the electrical items on the premises and the dates that each item has been tested in order to regularly assess when future PAT testing is to take place.  The HSE has produced a really informative guide to maintaining portable electrical items here.

Safety First’s PAT Testing

With industry knowledge spanning more than a decade, our qualified inspectors will be able to assist with your PAT testing, and help you to set a schedule for future PAT testing. Our inspectors will attend your premises ready for inspection of electrical items, and can even work to a schedule in order to minimise disruption to your workforce.

Inspection of PAT testing with Safety First Group includes:

  • Visual inspection – Checking for any damage to the item
  • Fuse rating – To check whether the right fuse is being used for the correct wattage
  • Insulation resistance check – This is important to confirm how effect the insulation is between 2 points
  • Earth polarity check – Where applicable
  • Check whether the plug has been wired correctly – Incorrect wiring could have severe consequences

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