725L Pocket Gas Sniffer

£48.00 incl VAT

725L Pocket Combustible Gas Leak Detector c/w FlexiNeck- 40ppm Sensitivity

40 PPM methane sensitivity, detects combustible gases including: Methane, Butane, Propane, Gasoline, Diesel and Kerosene. Tick rate can be nullified to eliminate background gas concentration and pinpoint the leak source.

  • 40ppm methane sensitivity and bearing defects
  • Trace natural gas lines and fittings for leaks frame to failure
  • Check gas equipment for leaks
  • Test propane tanks, fittings, lines, and heaters for leaks
  • Check propane tanks, fitting lines, and heaters for leaks
  • Test confined spaces for gas build-up


725L Pocket Combustible Gas Sniffer for Leak Detection c/w FlexiNeck- 40ppm Sensitivity

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