Ventilation in office
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Lockdown phase 3: Offices, restaurants and bars to be well ventilated

As we move into the next phase of easing lockdown restrictions, government ministers and Doctors warn that indoor public spaces need to have proper ventilation at work to avoid another spike in Coronavirus cases. 

In a recent report, new analysis suggests that cases of coronavirus have dropped to less than 100 per 100,000 people in all areas of the UK, which is the first time since September 2020 that this has happened, and we all want it to stay that way!

According to the report, many more people are susceptible to the virus in rooms where windows can’t be opened or without proper ventilation systems, as the virus is proven to spread faster when it is inhaled. And, as more people get used to social distancing and using hand sanitiser, the chances of contracting Coronavirus through contact is minimal, whilst the threat of contracting the virus from airborne particles remains. 

What can you do to keep employees and customers safe?

Investing in an air quality survey would be a great place to start. Ensuring that your premises are properly ventilated is essential as the migration back to ‘normality’ continues, and a failure to do so could mean that cases of the virus spike again. 

So before you open your doors again to staff and the public, we have listed a few things that you can do to increase the air quality on your premises:

  • Ensure you have a Covid risk assessment for ventilation 
  • A carbon dioxide detector can tell you whether your premises are well ventilated
  • Invest in proper ventilation systems – fans just circulate the same air
  • Partially open doors and windows