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Do you understand the importance of assessing Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) at work?

Many businesses do not understand the importance of assessing Electromagnetic Fields in their workplace. An electromagnetic field is generated whenever an electrical current flows, which means that they are particularly prevalent in a workplace environment.

Potential health risks from over exposure to EMF can include headaches, nausea and fatigue and the potential negative effects on pregnant women and the elderly are still being realised.

This is why legislation exists to protect the general public and workers from high levels of EMF. This legislation (Directive 2013/35/EU) is transposed into UK law by The Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations (SI 2016 No 588).

This means that businesses have a legal duty to assess EMF in the workplace and hold evidence of compliance with the legal requirements of this Health and Safety Directive. Failure to do so could lead to potential civil claims or fines by workforce of the HSE. It is therefore important that those responsible for Health and Safety both protect the workforce from adverse health effects and fulfil their legal responsibilities.

Companies such as Safety First Group offer comprehensive on-site surveys, which will check to see if EMF exposure is within the required limits. A site survey report from a professional and qualified surveyor gives you the evidence that you need to prove compliance. If the survey shows non-compliance then the surveyor can help you to achieve this.

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