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10 ways in which ISO45001:2018 can really benefit your business

ISO 45001:2018 is the world’s first Occupational Health and Safety International standard.  It is intended to provide a framework for a safe and healthy workplace, and is aimed to help organisations prevent work-related injuries, ill health and death.

Below, we have looked at 10 ways in which the ISO 45001:2018 standard is of benefit to businesses:

Gives your business a positive reputation. Implementing ISO 45001 shows that your business cares about the health and safety of its employees, customers and stakeholders. This enhances your profile amongst potential customers but also ensures that you are able to recruit the best employees, gained via your reputation.

Consolidates your Health & Safety responsibilities. Health and Safety policies are often built on ever-changing legislation and confusing information . ISO 45001 ensures that you consider all your legal responsibilities and have an effective management tool in place to manage the resulting risks.

ISO45001 is checked by an internationally recognised body. An example in the UK is UKAS. This not only ensures you keep up to date and maintain the standards required for the accreditation, but you also get a 3rd party professional to give you advice and guidance and to identify possibilities and opportunities.

Easier Tendering for Government Contracts. – Many public sector or large organisations now use ISO 45001 to determine whether you are a Health & Safety compliant business and can easily make the decision to put you through to the next stage of the tender.

Manages your Health & Safety Risks– whether ensuring that you know of, and are complying to your legal obligations, or improving the management of your Health & Safety risks.

 Employee engagement – employees will feel empowered if you give them the power to manage their own Health & Safety responsibilities, and contributing to your overall business H&S record.

Increase profits – Implementation of a managed system helps to reduce the costs involved to your business in accidents and illness. HSE recently calculated that work related injuries & ill health cost British Employers £14.1 billion a year.

Clear policies– In the event of an accident or emergency, everyone knows what to do and their responsibilities, thus reducing the impact on the business.

Near Misses – Identifying the potential for accidents using ISO45001 ensures that you can alter your practices should you encounter a near miss.

Continual Improvement – As businesses change and grow, so do the risks. ISO45001 helps you to monitor the risks within your business, and make the appropriate factual decisions and actions.

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