Can prioritising worker health really protect your business’ reputation?
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Can prioritising worker health really protect your business’ reputation?

There have long been discussions around whether protecting worker health can help protect the reputation of a business. The fact is, that prioritising a healthy and productive workforce can indeed protect you from costly lawsuits and a damaged reputation.

However, embedding strict health and safety practices in the workplace can sometimes be a costly and time-consuming task. Something which lots of businesses are still struggling with. .

So how can we work together to ensure that worker health isn’t swept under the rug? And how do we convince businesses to prioritise budget for worker health? Quite simply, the answer is through compliance.

Protecting worker health with UK Law

All businesses with 5 or more workers are subject to UK Health and Safety Law. And with many types of business, some are more likely to require strict measures that protect worker health due to the type of tasks being undertaken.

This can be especially true of industries such as manufacturing and construction. Because they are more likely to report accidents or injuries owing to the type of work being performed.

But it’s not just those industries we need to raise awareness for. Many other types of business feel that they can fly under the radar when it comes to prioritising worker health. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Safety first, results next

Establishing a culture of excellent worker health and safety isn’t always easy. To make a manageable shift in the perception of risk takes time and effort, but the results always follow. If you are one of those businesses struggling to implement effective worker health protection this is where businesses like Safety First come in. Occupational Health and Safety services can help your business fill the gap before your reputation becomes soiled.

We help businesses to prioritise worker health, by providing employees with the knowledge and tools to create a safe and healthy workplace. Furthermore, we want to help dispel common misconceptions that health and Safety at work only applies to the high-risk industries like construction and manufacturing.

Health and Safety first

As the number of workplace accidents and injuries continues to rise, businesses need to step up their game and implement long-lasting regulations. By promoting health and wellbeing at work, they inadvertently increase the value of their brand. And some people don’t even realise this! By implementing regular occupational hygiene, or monitoring at-risk employees with health surveillance, your business can start to get on top of your legal compliance.

Businesses where worker health isn’t prioritised often end up in court, on the business end of a hefty fine. And it’s not just this that leaves a sting! These cases almost always make their way in to the news, especially if a worker has been seriously injured or died.

So the misconception that safeguarding worker health is costly, completely clouds the facts. Which is that a happy and healthy workforce boasts workers with job satisfaction. What’s more, workers who are safe at work are also less likely to be off sick. This directly correlates to increased productivity and better moral amongst workers. Meaning that your bottom line is protected and your brands reputation isn’t at risk.

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