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Building Contractors – New Compliance Rules Expected

From October 2023, the HSE is set to introduce new compliance rules that mean building contractors will need to evidence compliance at two stages. 

A key official at the new building-safety regime has stated that building contractors should be preparing for early scrutiny of their residential building plans.

As part of the ongoing plans, contractors will need to provide evidence that building safety has been considered in the overall design and construction of new buildings. This is in addition to the ongoing legal requirements of ensuring worker safety on construction sites.  

New rules

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) have said that  the new Building Safety Regulator (BSR) will be taking a more ‘hands on’ approach. Proof of compliance will be needed at the following stages:

  1. Before Construction begins
  2. After construction is finished but before the building is occupied

From October 2023, the BSR (part of the HSE), will expect design documentation that evidences building-safety compliance, submitted before construction begins. 

In addition to the compliance rules, building contractors will need to complete work within twelve weeks. Although this isn’t too much of a change from current building regulations of two months. 

Considerations for building contractors

The aim of these new rules is to bring forward any problems with design issues and be able to solve them before construction is complete. Subsequently, the end goal is that building- safety regulations are considered throughout the entirety of the project and not just as an afterthought once works are complete.

 Furthermore, it is hoped that this will hopefully save time and ensure fewer issues at the end of new projects. By highlighting risks and and their safe outcomes from the beginning, building contractors can add suitable controls and measures in from the outset. 

If you are a building contractor, considering the existing legal frameworks around construction worker safety will needs to be in place well before works begin. 

A Multi-disciplinary approach

The HSE are calling for building contractors to consult any third parties involved in the construction trade before it is too late. October 2023 seems like a long way off, but in reality it’s less than a year! The HSE are urging all contractors to start considering who needs to be involved in new building projects from the start, in what they have called a ‘multidisciplinary team approach’. 

As the building works naturally involve construction worker on-site safety, construction- control plans to ensure building site compliance should form part of the overall objectives. A new building project cannot get off the ground (no pun intended!) until occupational hygiene and health and safety compliance has been considered. 

Safety First Group for construction

We’ve been involved in helping construction companies achieve compliance on building sites for a number of years. Our specialist teams have in-depth knowledge and experience working with building contractors to implement controls and measures that ensure a safe working environment. 

There are many elements that can affect the safe construction of new buildings. These range from wet weather conditions, vibration monitoring and safe access & exits on site. This is why we have various compliance services suitable for your upcoming construction projects. 

For ease, we’ve listed the most commonly used services for construction businesses. These services will help you to demonstrate to the HSE that your most at-risk employees are safely monitored. Additionally it will also lead to your legal compliance obligations being fulfilled. 

Ready to get started?

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