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4 steps to Legionella control compliance

If your organisation has one or more of the following in your workplace, you may be at risk of exposure to Legionella and need to invest in Legionella control measures:

  • Cooling tower or evaporating condenser
  • Dry/wet cooling systems
  • Hot and cold water systems
  • Spa pools 

As an employer, or similarly if you are a manager of premises (including landlords), it is your responsibility to ensure that the working environment is regularly monitored and maintained and that you take the necessary precautions required by law to reduce the risks associated with legionella. The bacteria found in Legionella can have serious and potentially life threatening effects, especially bacteria that carries Legionnaires’ disease, a potentially fatal form of pneumonia. 

For a number of reasons, some organisations may need to regularly outsource their Legionella Monitoring to a third party to help them to meet their health and safety requirements. 

Safety First Legionella Control

At Safety First Group our team of Legionella Monitoring specialists have been providing solutions that help recognise and control potential Legionella outbreaks by taking you through a 4 step process from risk assessment to full compliance. 

With over a decade of experience, our friendly Legionella experts will help you be Legionella compliant through:

  1. Identifying potential risk sources
  2. Proposing methods for prevention
  3. Control, monitor, inspect and maintain water systems
  4. Ensure compliance with the ACoP and guidance

Our Legionella service includes: 

  1. Weekly flushing regimes
  2. Monthly temperature monitoring – all hot & cold types
  3. Quarterly shower / spray head inspections and cleaning / disinfecting – replacements where required
  4. Six monthly tank inspections & temperature monitoring
  1. Annual pressure vessel flushing & repressuring
  2. Annual tank cleans & inspections – replacements where required
  3. Annual hot water storage / calorifier blow downs & inspections
  4. Annual insulation inspections & replacements
  5. Routine water sampling can be done at whatever frequency required and legionella risk assessments

Not sure whether your premises are Legionella safe? Click here for more information and get in touch.

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