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Is it time to upgrade your face mask?

As medical professionals are focusing their attention on how effective commonly used face masks are against the new, more contagious strain of the Coronavirus, new evidence is demonstrating that many of the face masks we have been used to wearing do not offer adequate levels of protection and don’t safeguard against the spread of new variants of Coronavirus.

In 2020 Public Health England advised that in order for people to minimse the spread of the virus, we should all wear face masks unless there was a medical reason not to. 

This morning, the BBC covered a news piece on TV that discussed the differences between the most commonly used face masks and other more medical and industrial grade face masks like FFP2/FFP3, typically used in dust prone and contagious environments. 

Civilian v’s industrial face masks

If you are currently using cloth face masks, you probably need to think about making some changes asap to ensure you are getting adequate protection against the new strain of Covid-19, whilst still minimising the spread of the virus to others.

Making the switch from ordinary 3-ply or cloth masks to FFP2/FFP3 face masks may depend on the environment you are in, for example 3-ply masks may still be effective to wear in low populated areas, whilst FFP2/FFP3 face masks would be more suitable for areas of densely populated people such as supermarkets and hospitals. But what are the advantages of doing this? And where can you buy them? 

All face masks are designed to provide a level of protection against viruses, bacteria and solid/liquid toxic fumes. 

Traditionally worn 3-ply face masks are those typically sold and in the UK for consumer use, but they only offer around 80% protection against viruses and bacteria compared to FFP2 which offers 94% and FFP3 face masks that offer 99% protection against the transmission of airborne viruses and bacteria. 

You can shop for a wide range of PPE including various types of FFP2/FFP3 face masks online from our store here today. 

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