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UK power station company denies health and safety breaches

The UK’s biggest power station company has denied risking their employees’ health by exposing them to wood dust. 

A trial has been arranged at Leeds Crown Court for 31st December where they will face allegations of two health and safety breaches. The company has said that they will plead not guilty.

The biomass energy plant, which burns wood pellets to create energy, is accused of exposing their employees to wood dust, thereby risking their health.

Hefty fines

The Health and Safety Executive has also alleged that the company has breached their risk assessment obligations relating to the exposure of potentially hazardous substances. 

This year we have seen several large companies receive hefty fines for not meeting their health and safety obligations. This should serve as a warning to all UK businesses that the HSE is hot on the tails of those companies that are willing to risk the health and well being of their employees in order to save money. 

Health & Safety obligations

Ensuring that your workplace is regularly assessed for risk will safeguard your employees health and protect your business from heavy fines, and compensation claims arising from non-compliance. 

If you don’t know what health and safety compliance solutions your business needs, it’s best to employ the services of a third party provider so that your entire workplace can be assessed and recommendations can be made in respect of the types of services you should utilise regularly. 

The Safety First way

Safety First Limited is experienced in delivering a complete range of Health and Safety and Occupational hygiene risk assessment services that will provide you with confirmation that your control measures are adequate and workplace exposure limits are not exceeded.

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